Here is what Jason Bond sent to the Monday Movers alert service subscribers for the week.


‘Good afternoon,

I’m really thrilled to get going with Monday Movers and think there’s some really good opportunities out there right now to target.

Now I will say this before going any further, I do get the feeling the broader indices are likely to be lower next week, however, given the social distancing guidelines that came out Thursday night, there’s a handful of stocks I think are poised to rebound and might have some favorable news given what Trump announced for phase 1-3. 

Names worth noting are GRPN around $.90, stop loss below $.80. SDC around $4.50, stop loss below $4.40, YTRA around $1.20, stop loss below $1.07 and SIEN around $1.75, stop loss below $1.65.

Most of these names like GRPN and SDC benefit a lot by the economy opening back up and GRPN is, in my opinion, a takeover candidate given their huge user base, depressed valuation and war chest of cash. 

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Good luck guys and gals, may Monday Movers deliver a few monsters.


Jason Bond’